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Sun Protection

Sunlight has many beneficial influences on human health. It has a positive effect on wellbeing, boosts the circulation and releases so-called happy hormones. Sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D, which plays an important part in various functions such as bone and tooth development and also the immune system. But the sun also poses a risk, especially for the skin, if you do not protect yourself. An overdose of light should therefore always be avoided. The correct way of managing the most important natural source of light is key to remaining in good health. This includes in particular also the question of what is the right degree of exposure and what is the right sun protection.

SUN VITAL sun milk offers reliable protection, sustained relief and palpable vitalisation. Antioxidant ingredients, finest biophysical mineral salts and moisturising plant extracts provide intensive conditioning of the skin and lend the skin a pleasant softening feel. UVA and UVB filters offer reliable protection for the face and body. The dermatologically tested sun milk is free from preservatives, colorants and allergenic fragrances and does not contain any micro or nano pigments. SUN VITAL skin protection guards against light and radicals all at the same time.  

Thanks to broccoli seed oil and an innovative manufacturing process, all light protection filters can be used in very small quantities without compromising the effect. In development, it was particularly important that the maximum permissible quantity is not reached, because many chemical light protection filters can lead to incompatibilities.