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Monastery Cream from the Muotathal

In the furthest depths of the valley where the Muota river runs, one of the most ancient forests of the Alps survives to this day: the 550 ha Bödmeren forest. Parts of it resemble a primeval forest that has hardly ever felt the direct impact of human activity. The climate, geology, flora, vegetation and rich fauna of Bödmeren are unique.

The shoots of the columnar spruce and buds from Bödmeren forest that are picked in spring are especially vigorous – because the trees, which are up to 500 years old, have an unusual protein that is only found in the ancient spruce trees of the Muotathal. This makes the Monastery Cream from the Muotathal especially rich in energy.

The combination of ingredients follows the monastic skills handed down over the centuries and is based on ancient, closely guarded secrets in the traditional art of using plants for their gentle efficacy – an art that has always been mindful of ensuring a harmonious combination of plants, buds, oils, minerals and vitamins.

Vigorous buds of the spruce trees and ferns from the ancient woodland of Bödmeren, traditional herbs from the cloister gardens and frankincense make the Monastery Cream into something quite special. A rhythmic embrocation with Monastery Cream from the Muotathal is used to soothe the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons.