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Holistic hair care from GOLOY 33

The hair suffers from negative environmental influences in more and more people. But internal factors, such as stress, lack of sleep and hyperacidity, also take a lot out of the hair. The greater the exposure, the more often typical reactions will occur: brittle or thin hair, split ends and loss of sheen and volume. Holistic GOLOY 33 energising and nourishing hair care helps the scalp and the hair to restore their balance and regain their natural equilibrium.  

The GOLOY 33 hair care line concentrates on gentle cleansing, aftercare and the supply of important nutrients. The hair and the scalp are subtly stimulated, freed from harmful substances and restored to their natural balance. The hair regains a healthy and vibrant radiance. The three GOLOY 33 hair care products – shampoo, conditioner and scalp serum – complement each other optimally and together form a holistic care concept.  

The basic formulation of the energising and nourishing hair care consists of finest biophysical mineral salts, active oxygen and energised water. These three components stand for the 3-pillars principle of GOLOY 33. They are supplemented with harmoniously balanced plant essences, essential oils and a special complex of plants according to their intended use.        

Goloy dispenses with the use of synthetic preservatives and colorants, oil derivatives, PEG/PEX products, silicon, Vaseline, laureth sulphate, micro and nano pigments and chemical light filters. All care products are developed without the use of animal experiments and are dermatologically tested and manufactured in Switzerland.  

GOLOY 33 energising and nourishing hair care helps the scalp and hair to restore its balance from within and it regain its natural equilibrium. It is therefore suitable for all ages and all types of skin and hair.