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GOLOY 33 Pure energising and nourishing care

Are you looking for a new approach to care and conditioning for your delicate skin and hair? Do you no longer want simply to combat symptoms, but much prefer to provide your skin and hair with some support, so that they can relearn what they have forgotten over the years?

What is special about our patented GOLOY 33 energising and nourishing care products is that their natural ingredients are completely attuned to the diverse functions of the skin. It helps the skin to restore its balance from within and to regain its natural equilibrium.  

The GOLOY 33 hair conditioning line concentrates on gentle cleansing, conditioning, supplying important nutrients and restoring the natural balance of the hair and scalp.  

SUN VITAL skin protection guards against light and radicals all at the same time. The combination of UV light filters, antioxidant ingredients, biophysical mineral salts and moisturising plant extracts provide sustainable care and protection for the skin.  

The formulation of the MONASTERY CREAM FROM THE MUOTATHAL follows the monastic skills handed down over the centuries and is based on ancient, closely guarded secrets in the traditional art of using plants for their gentle efficacy.  

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