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Consulting days: when and where?

Do you have any specific questions about your sensitive or delicate skin? Would you like your skin to be able to regenerate and repair itself naturally? Or are you simply in search of an optimum and all-round care line?
On Goloy consulting days, our qualified and experienced specialists are on hand to provide you with valuable tips for the skin and hair, as well as detailed advice on our pure energy and nutrient care products.


You will find below a list of pharmacies and non-dispensing chemists where the next Goloy consulting days will be held.

The next consultation days:
Date Name of Retailer Street ZIP Code/City Web Map
24.09.21 UrsDrogerie Apotheke Blickensdorferstrasse 4 6312 Steinhausen
24.09.21 Dropa Drogerire Arnold AG Marktplatz 14 2540 Grenchen
24.09.21 Rusconi Drogerie AG Bauelenzelgstrasse 10 8194 Hüntwangen
24.09.21 Drogerie Venzin AG Hauptstrasse 58 4313 Möhlin
24.09.21 Drogerie Flükiger Gossauerstrasse 14 8340 Hinwil
30.09.21 Drogerie Masiello Luzernerstrasse 44 6353 Weggis
30.09.21 Bollwerk Apotheke AG Bollwerk 15 3011 Bern
30.09.21 Drogerie Walhalla AG Kasernenstrasse 7 9100 Herisau

NEW: GOLOY 33 Intense Care Vitalize

The face care line of GOLOY 33 has just got bigger! As from 1. September 2017, the new and innovative product has been added to the GOLOY33 range.

GOLOY 33 Intense Care Vitalize offers nourishing and invigorating day and night care. Its particularly moisturizing and regenerative ingredients protect the skin at times of increased stress. Experience the pleasant sensation of a new firmness and elasticity.