SUN VITAL - The time-tested sun care contains a beneficial After Sun Lotion

Summer is already knocking at the door and with the tried and true sun care SUN VITAL Sun Protection you are optimally equipped with reliable sun protection that has a lasting calming effect and noticeably invigorates the skin. But now you can also support...


Enjoy the summer – with the right sunscreen

Sunlight has many beneficial influences on human health. It exerts a positive effect on well-being, gives a boost to the circulation and releases happiness hormones. Sunlight promotes the synthesis of vitamin D, which plays a crucial role for example in the...


Clean skin and unclogged pores for the summer

The skin is not only the largest, but also one of our most important organs. As a result of the natural renewal process, old skin cells slough off. Remaining particles and residues lead to a sallow, tired and slack appearance. But deep cleaning (peeling) of...


New outfit for the summer-star

The tried and trusted contents remain the same – but optically Sun Vital comes closer to GOLOY and immediately sparkles in its new and contemporary packaging.


The new faces of GOLOY 33

Some genuine GOLOY 33 users agreed to take part in an exciting photoshoot. You can admire the results in our brand-new promotional materials for GOLOY 33.


Pure energy right down to the hair roots

The concept of GOLOY 33 energy and nutrition care has been rounded out with the development of the new holistic hair care product line from GOLOY 33.


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33 tips for beautiful hair

23Cream & lemon for dry and stressed hair

Lend moisture to your hair, along with a sheen and suppleness: squeeze a lemon and mix the juice with 3 teaspoons of soya oil and 4 tablespoons of cream. After washing the hair, massage the mixture into the hair, then don a plastic cap and wrap a warm hand...


05More volume

You get more volume if you use the hair dryer while initially running your fingers through your hair and finally then brushing the ends of the hair inwards.


15Static hair

Dry air, synthetic carpets and friction, e.g. from combing the hair, can cause the hair to become electrostatically charged. The individual hairs repel each other and fly apart. This effect can be avoided by using a comb made of natural wood or horn. If only...


07Dyeing and perming

In the case of unhealthy hair, you should avoid dyeing, tinting, bleaching and also perming in view of the strong stress on the hair. If you don’t want to be without your favourite colour or mane of curly hair, you must devote a lot of attention and good...